SPICOLOST Project Internal Scientific and Management Meeting 31th October 2017 – Universidad Santiago de Compostela, Ciqus.

Chemical Solution Synthesis of Epitaxial Thin Films+discussion Francisco Rivadulla USC-Ciqus
Chemical challenges of Polymer Assisted Depostion for metal oxide thin films+discussion Manuela Kim UTN
Preparation of multiferroic LnMnO3 (Ln=Ho-Lu) via Polymer assisted depositon+discussion Eugenio Otal UTN
Bimagnetic nanoparticles with core/shell structure: fabrication, magnetic properties and magnetotransport Fernando Fabris, CNEA-Bariloche
Lecture: «Selected molecules for engineering the coupling of quantum dot arrays and synthesizing polymeric chains on surfaces» Jorge Lobo Checa, Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón, ICMA, CSIC Chairman: F. Rivadulla
Advances in thermomagnetic phenoma based on spin Seebeck effects in hybrid nanostructures Myriam Aguirre, INA-Universidad de Zaragoza
Round table discussion: Perspectives, Progression of Project RISE, Secondments and possible modifications E. Otal, M. Kim, F. Rivadulla, M. Aguirre