JEMS 2019

Myriam Aguirre, Ana Mª Llois, Solange di Napoli and Gustavo Murgida attended the Joint European Magnetic Symposia, JEMS 2019, Uppsala (Sweden), Aug. 27th to 31st 2019.

Oral presentation, O219 – “Magnetoelectric coupling in BaTiO3 / CaMnO3 //SrTiO3 thin film heterostructures”. Authors: S. Di Napoli, M.A. Barral, A. López-Pedroso, L. Steren, M.H. Aguirre, A.M. Llois.

Poster presentation, P113 – “Magnetic and structural ordering in Fe3O4-Metal interfaces”. Authors: G.E. Murgida, M.A. Barral, J.D. Perea, A.M. Llois, M.H. Aguirre.