SPICOLOST Project Empa Meeting, 5th February 2018; Empa- Materials Science and Technology Überlandstrasse, 129, Dübendorf (Switzerland).

Oral presentation/round table scientific discussion with coffee & Gipfely

10:10-10:30 Miguel Marioni Introduction

10:30-11:45 Myriam H Aguirreupdate of UNIZAR research

11:45-12:15 Laura Steren update CNEA research

12:15-13:00 Eugenio Otal-Manuela Kim update UTN research

13:00-13:30 Ana María Llois TMJ theory

14:30-17:30 Project Management: Web Correction / Questions / Secondments / Communications

Ana M. Llois (UNSAM); course: “Magnetism and magnetic materials”.

Andres J. Kreiner (CNEA); seminar: “Advanced radiotherapy modalities with hadrons and development of accelerator technology for medical applications”.

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